So there I was, thinking that I was rocking it and doing so well with confidence, losing weight, getting my thought models in order when…

my loving wonderful husband whom I dearly love says to me “I don’t like it when you eat broccoli.” “It has a certain smell to it.”
almost immediately I feel disappointed (because I LOVE broccoli) and think, “I need to find something else to eat now because it bothers him when I eat something I love” and “I need to find something else to eat now so that he will love me.” which made me feel sad, and resentful, and then angry. The thought I had was “I’ve been working so hard on myself, losing weight, being more positive, and its all for him so that he will love me” and “he still wants more and I will never, ever be enough.” “I will never ever be lovable” All of those thoughts led to sadness, resentment, and anger. I also felt discouraged.

I decided to believe another thought. “I’ve been working so hard on myself to be a better person.” “I want to love myself” “I have always been lovable” and “I love broccoli and I will eat broccoli and I will love myself.”

I don’t need him to like it. I don’t need him to validate and support every decision I’ve ever made. Everything I’ve ever done I’ve done for myself and that is the truth. of course, when I said to him “I know that you don’t like the smell of broccoli but I do and I am going to continue to eat it.” and “I love you, and if you choose not to love me for eating broccoli, I will still love you and you won’t be able to change that, and I will be okay” “I’m sure I don’t have far to look to find someone who will love me even if I eat broccoli” he just laughed at me and said that I don’t have to look very far because he loves me even if I eat broccoli.

Just an example of how deeply rooted these thoughts can be. and of course you never will want to hear another story about broccoli again.