I have broken my plateau since VIP modelthon

I have been stagnate in my weight loss – I talked a bit with Suzy about this and she said that I was following my protocol about 80%, not 100%. I lost 20 pounds initially, in February, then pretty much stayed the same. At that time my joy eats were sugary desserts. AND I really was not following your instructions on how to complete a joy eat.

I went back to my protocol, IF eating at 12:00-2:00 then at 6:00-8:00. I don’t eat for 2 hours but the flexibility helps me with my schedule. I do no sugar, no flour, no dairy. I have added no fried food too. Then I listed what constituted a joy eat – this is where I was slipping up in the past. So on my joy list, tacos, corn chips and salsa, french fries, chips. I have found that having a cupcake or a donut (flour – gives me more discomfort as I have become more sensitive to it and it will flare my skin). I thought my joy had to come from the flour and sugar – not even considering that tacos use corn flour.

I am also prepared to not have sugar for the remainder of the year. Which means I will abstain from social eating at birthdays, weddings, parties, and other social gatherings! I am ok with that!! My mother in law recently said, I was being “good.” I usually get bothered by comments like that, but this time I thought, it’s ok that she thinks that way!!

I know I will reach my goal by the end of the year!! I have a goal to lose 30 more pounds to get to my goal! I lost 5 since the modelthon. Here is a funny observation, sometimes I think – was I really 190 (I weighed 165 this morning)? I feel like I am lying to myself, like I am remembering it wrong. Interesting how the mind does remember facts selectively, right?

Just wanted you to know your impact on my journey! Thank you! I’m doing it!