BROOKE!!!!!! Guess what???

My 30 day goal: WRITE A BOOK


I’m wrapping up my last chapter as I write this.
I had to write in as a buffer from the panic and massive hot flashes I am feeling right now LOL
AND I needed to make sure I was accountable to completion.
After writing this I know it has to be done by midnight…
I could never say it, submit it and not do it.
SO this is it, in 3.5 hours I will be done.

I feel vulnerable, excited, and scared out of my mind…

I experienced intense anxiety most of the month and I kept thinking of you saying that you wake up with massive anxiety on most days. I changed the thought from this anxiety is intense to this excitement is intense. I made a decision to move ahead knowing that not writing it was going to be worse than doing it.

What’s worse than making an ass out of myself is sitting on the sidelines paralyzed in fear as I watch others hop into the ring and get shit done. I am so done with sitting out due to the fear of what others will say or think of me.

What matters is WHAT I THINK OF ME… and what matters most of all is that this book helps someone who’s just like me to step out, rise up and shine on… it’s called “The PUNCH-LINE Approach” … Gain Power and Control of Your Life. And that’s exactly what I am doing.

Thanks for the motivation and this month’s challenge.

I am so excited to meet you next weekend.

AND my weight loss is now 25lbs!! WHOOP 🙂