Brooke’s Certainty + Believing

Hi Brooke-

On a scale of 1 -10, it seems to me you are a 10 when it comes to believing that you will achieve your 100million impossible goal.

And I know one of your dominant, favorite emotions is certainty.

And I also know you teach that when we are believing something, that’s when we will have our results.

I also know you follow Abraham and that Abraham teaches that the first manifestation of something is the feeling that it’s there.

So my question is – are you at a 10? And you just are taking massive action from that place? And do you have to be at a 10 in order to really be feeling certain about something?

I’m trying to learn for myself but also for my clients. When they ask me where I am on the scale of believing, there are many times when if feels entirely honest for me to say “it feels like a done deal – like it’s already happened and now I’m following through on action – the money/other objectives are parked in a locked garage down the street just waiting for me and I’ll get the key at the end of the year.” And then they ask – but if you are really believing, if thoughts create results – wouldn’t you have the key and the stuff right now?

So that’s what I’m trying to puzzle out. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one! XOXO!