Brooke’s coaching call 3/30

I was very interested in the call Brooke did today with the person who was upset with her friend who was not following the rules for social distancing. In her case she wanted to feel compassion because she loves her friend. In my case the people I’m angry with are not my friends, they are people I don’t even know so I don’t care about loving them I just want to not feel so upset because I can see it doesn’t help me or change their actions. I’m having a hard time with this and would love some coaching on it. The ironic thing is the very next person on the call is exactly the kind of person I’m upset with! She is dating some guy as a casual hookup thing and they both went to a retreat with a bunch of other people … what the heck??!! Why are they doing this right now when we have all been asked to stay at home and practice social distancing in order to keep others safe?? What are they even thinking??!!
I’m so frustrated by this. They are endangering people’s lives and appear to either not care or just be totally clueless. If they were just endangering themselves then okay, whatever … but that’s not the case right now.

C = the government has issued directives to keep the virus from spreading more quickly than the hospitals can handle

T = people who are not following social distancing guidelines are endangering others

F = anger

A = if I know the person I tell them they need to take this seriously, if I don’t know them I think angry and upset thoughts about their behavior, in both cases I dwell on it and blame “people like this” for the current situation, I imagine things getting worse and I get more upset, I spin in my head creating more anger

R = people keep doing it “wrong” and I continue to be upset and angry