Brooke’s Stop Overeating/Fasting Question

I have watched all the stop overeating modules. I just have a couple questions about fasting and sugar.

1) I am planning on fasting from 8 pm to 12:30 pm the next day with an eating window from 12:30 pm-8 pm. My question is in the morning when fasting can I have coffee?? I usually have either black iced coffee w a splash of sugar free flavor or a plain latte which I make at home.

2) I have done a weight loss program called OPTAVIA in the recent past. I have some of their bars and shakes which I do like. They are all about 110 calories and 11-14 carbs- so there is sugar in these. If I want one of these during my eating window is that ok???

I assume when Brooke talks about eliminating sugars that is all the refined sugars in processed foods, baked goods etc…

Thank you for your assistance.