Brook’s Racism Podcast

I’m really struggling with Brooke’s recent podcast on her work with her coach in regards to racism.

She said sometimes the model doesn’t work and her example was her thoughts that there are no black women and white women we are just all the same, but the black woman does not view it that way.

It seems like all the sudden she feels responsible for the black woman’s emotions. Is it possible that another black woman could have the same views as Brooke? I think the answer is yes so why is Brooke having to change the way she thinks about things to serve someone else’s emotions and feelings?

What if a black woman chose to think thoughts that did not make them feel as if they don’t matter and chose to think we are all the same/equal how would they feel? I’m just trying to understand as there are many areas in my life where I have to do the same thing just in a different way?