I’ve been spending some time with my family lately and my brother-in-law seems quieter than usual, which makes me think he is sad or upset about something. He got drunk over the holidays six months ago and said some things to me that made me think he might be unhappy in his marriage to my sister. I’m trying to run the model on my thoughts, but having some trouble figuring out the A and R lines. Here is what I have:

C: Brother in-law
T: Brother in-law seems sad.
F: Worried.
A: I try to read his face while we’re together, think about whether or not he is unhappy in marriage?
R: I treat him like he is sad?

Here is my model with an improved thought:

C: Brother in-law .
T: Brother in-law is human with lots of emotions.
F: Calm.
A: I don’t make his quietness mean anything?
R: I treat him normally?

Can the action also be a thought? I don’t feel like my behavior is really changing that much based on my thoughts either way – so the actions and results seem like they’re in my head. Any help appreciated. Thank you!