I have known my brother-in-law for 12 years now, and he has a hot and cold personality. Sometimes he is friendly, sometimes he can almost ignore you, and sometimes he is just rude. He is like that with everyone, not just me. I always wanted to get on with him because family is important to me. When he was rude to me at Christmas, I decided to step back a little and not be quite as friendly to him, not rude but not reaching out to him in my usual friendly way, because when he is rude privately I feel upset and annoyed.

This past weekend, I was running a race and it was very hot weather, and I was really struggling… I only had 3 km to the finish line, and who should I see in the crowd of cheering people but him? He waved and shouted something encouraging and without thinking, I said, “will you run with me?” and without a moment’s hesitation he ran alongside me and said encouraging things until the finish line was in sight.

Now I am very confused. I was really touched that he would be so kind. I saw a very nice side to him that I didn’t know was there. I also feel vulnerable because I asked for help when I usually wouldn’t around him.

I would like to create a model around this, but I don’t even know where to start. There are probably at least 2 models here. Here’s what I have so far:

C: I ran a race and brother-in-law ran the last 2 kms with me
T: That’s so kind
F: loved
A: Thanked him
R: We shared a nice experience

The second one:
C: I ran a race and brother-in-law ran the last 2 kms with me
T: He saw me at a low moment
F: Embarrassed

I am not sure of the A or R line for the second model.