Bubble water

I was drinking through a liter bottle of fizzy water tonight from which I had only been drinking one 4 oz glass at a time before screwing the cap back on. I stored the bottle in the fridge so that it kept the carbonation longer. I got down to the last bit in the bottle, poured it into a glass and began to drink. I gulped it down and was feeling so refreshed from the cold, fizzy water when I noticed that it wasn’t as fizzy and I thought it was.

I love fizzy drinks but weaned myself off soft drinks 15+ years ago so fizzy water has been my drug of choice. Get this, upon realizing that I wasn’t getting as much fizz as I thought, I realized how expertly my brain was lying to me about the carbonation left in the last of the water (which is the stuff I go crazy for – carbonation!). I still felt like it was the most amazing drink on the planet even though it was mostly flat. This is crazy. If I drink flat water out of the fridge dispenser, I never feel the joy that I do when I drink what is essentially flat water from the bottom of the fizzy water bottle. When I realized that my brain is awesome at tricking me, I had a question.

My life would change so much more if I could re-create the feeling of joy and refreshment (or lend it) to anything I wanted. I notice that it is really hard to do a copy/paste of extremely pleasurable feelings that you have such EASY access to in one model and make it apply to another model that is much more challenging. Is it a bad idea to try to do models to try to get the desired result (ie, going from blah to infatuated with flat water, hating to loving my cellulite, dismayed to overjoyed that my hair is going grey)?