Budgeting Mental Drama

I’m working on my money situation. I sat down this morning and wrote out all my fixed expenses and after they are paid, I have $476 leftover for the month. I then listened to my thoughts. On what the constraint of spending $119/week ($476/4weeks in a month) caused.

$119 isn’t enough for all the things I need to buy during the week
This won’t even cover the cost of groceries
I don’t have anything left over to even save
$119 is a tiny amount of money to spend every week
I’m barely breaking even at the end of the month
I can’t pay extra on my debt
I’m not able to control myself and I always end up spending way too much

So my question is, how do I shift myself from being so far over in negative territory. If I held a $100 bill and a $20 bill in my hand I wouldn’t say it’s a little bit of money. I’ve tried what feels to be everything to control spending so I know it’s my thoughts creating overspending and debt creation.

Is a better thought, I can learn to fit my needs inside $119?