Buffer-Free Goal

I certified in April and I’m now in the Entre Track. I found myself buffering more and more as I tried to put together a business and make offers to help. I had done quite well eating on a health protocol, but lately, I’ve been making a lot of really unhealthy choices. I find myself buffering digitally as well … as though I can’t help but pick up my phone. (I didn’t even know about that until I learned about buffering 😆.)

I decided to hold myself accountable and set new goals. My brain thinks I should set business goals. I had done that and bailed on almost all of them. I listened to the Diamond Advanced Training “Why Haven’t You Committed Yet” with Rachel Hart.

At the summit of the mountain is me … buffer-free. I show up for myself. I eat for sustenance. I feel all my feelings and use nothing outside of myself to avoid them.

I know this is the perfect quarterly goal for me now as I wouldn’t want to build a business the way I had been. What I’m working on now is exactly what I’d like to help others with. And still … brain chatter!

C: 13-week goal to end buffering
T: I’ll fall behind the Entre pack and be bringing up the rear
F: substandard
A: I hide because I’m not “ready”; I consume in an effort to be “good enough”; I don’t trust myself; I judge myself harshly; I talk about all my shortcomings; I look for excuses.
R: I never get in the race

I started my intentional model with my desired feeling

C: 13-week goal to end buffering
T: loving and caring for myself first is paramount to modeling that for others
F: cherished
A: I pay attention to urges and learn from them; I show up for myself; I care for my physical/mental/emotional wellbeing; I don’t go mindless just pushing myself in an effort to get stuff done.
R: I’m on MY journey and serve as a beacon for others.

I’m working on tightening up my models. Thanks for any insights you may offer.