I am working on stopping buffering with social media and food. I have reached 100 urges on buffering so I started with flour and sugar. I am experiencing a constant emotion and I keep attempting to process it and be with it, while not overanalyzing it. I also want to redirect this energy to something else that will give me the results I want. I feel overwhelmed.

I am experiencing so many emotions and what feels like physical changes, but I am unsure if it the withdrawal. How do we ever even know if it is or not? There are so many things It could be. I guess why that matters to me is because I keep thinking what if it is something in my control that I can fix or what if I am manufacturing the experience of withdrawal. I feel so much fear, uncertainty and disbelief about everything right now. I get so disassociated and fixated on being confused and not knowing what’s happening with me. I have been technically been off sugar/ flour for two weeks now with the exception of realizing my peanut butter had an 1 added gram of sugar I was using every day. I have quit flour/sugar for two weeks before and it never did this to me, or not that I noticed.

Is it even helpful to know if I am going through withdrawal? I believe it would be but my brain is insistent that it’s my thoughts and it’s my fault it’s not getting better because I am not able to keep my focus all of the time during my self coaching. I am doing my best to process emotion, allow urges and be with it all.