Buffering again!

I started course about a week ago. I binged through the material provided, especially weight loss. And it all made sense to me, I stopped overeating right away, did try some intermittent fasting, lost 3 lbs within days! I had no desire for unhealthy stuff like sugar. and I actually do not like those things anyways, I feel like I mostly eat them because they are “suppose” to be yummy. Pizza was my favorite thing ever, and soon after starting, I did the paying attention to each bite and I realized that I hated it. It’s just dough! with my conscious brain, I do not like soft drinks or other stuff. and when I am “myself” , it is really easy to say no to these things. However, I don’t know what happens. I got thrown off of my mojo, and started unconscious eating again. I don’t know what the reason is. I can’t figure it out. I feel like my feelings are not really there about it, almost numb. don’t care but continue to eat unhealthy. I did add exercise back for my own good, not to lose weight. those days help, I guess with endorphines, I feel better and avoid unhealthy things. what do I do? how do I figure out not to eat what I actually really don’t want to eat. But just keep eating..help!