Buffering and doing "thought work."

Loving Scholars and so much to learn! I have been listening to podcasts for several months and joined Scholars last month. This is a transformational time in my life including stepping down as a CEO after 20 years and starting a new business and so happy to have found this resource. Personally, “all in” to living my best life ahead! My question: I want to really learn how to feel my feelings and address my negative and often irrational thoughts. I have studied Byron Katie and I know how to shift the feelings and mindset but realize I have not but the model is still new and I can go deeper.

Wondering if you can direct me to key podcasts about doing this “thought work” since there is so much available. My buffering strategies have been busyness, ruminating and an extra glass of wine or two. Ready to get this! Maybe a study list?

Thanks so much.