Buffering and sleep

Hello. I find the idea of buffering fascinating, and I never would have thought that I ate, drank, etc. to avoid anything, but now I see that I probably do. A lot of my buffering revolves around snacking and drinking caffeinated beverages or alcohol. Two “problem” times for me are mid-afternoon (around 2 or 3 pm, that common lull time when many people feel sluggish), and after work, around 5:30 to 7 pm. I tend to eat or drink things that aren’t particularly good for me during those times. As far as the underlying feeling, though, I feel like it’s mainly physical, not emotional, feelings that I’m trying to avoid–I’m trying to avoid feeling physically tired, and I’m trying to avoid those physical withdrawal symptoms that I get because of sugar and caffeine addiction. Is that valid? Lately, if I don’t buffer after work, what happens is that I feel so tired that I fall asleep/take a nap. I guess my question is, can the feelings that we are avoiding be superficial, like physical tiredness and addiction withdrawal, or are they usually deeper (emotional) and is falling asleep just another form of buffering? Thanks for your insight!