Buffering away here

I am working on quitting smoking. Each time I have an urge to smoke or have a feeling I don’t want to feel, I light up. I do feel anxious much of the time — I was diagnosed with stage 1 adrenal fatigue and my progesterone levels were low. I don’t know if this is why I feel anxious and sad so often.
Anyway, I want to work on quitting smoking but I just keep smoking away over here. I was told during my private coaching session this morning that Brooke has feelings of anxiety too and to carries it around with me but not to let it rule. I love this concept. Is there anymore teaching on this or anything I can be doing while learning to feel the urges and live with the anxiety. Honestly, I probably try to resist it like the plague.
Also, I find myself saying “I don’t care” or “Screw it” when I get an urge and I smoke without even pausing.
Thank you!