Buffering – CCP sign up

How do I know if I am buffering? I really want to do Coach training and I am very close to making the decision but this morning I had the thought of ‘what if I am buffering’ I don’t think I am but now the thought has crept in I am questioning myself.

Does this mean I am not fully trusting myself? could this just be my primitive brain throwing out an obstacle to keep me safe?

I did a model on this (intentional and unintentional), could you check it for me, please?

C Course sign up
T I’m buffering
F Uncertainty
A Not sticking to one thing, not going all in, doubting self, not signing up or if I do sign up I wouldn’t be fully committing because I do not trust myself
R not creating a successful coaching business because I am not believing in myself or my reasons for doing this

C Course sign up
T I trust myself to fully commit and make a success of this
F Excitement
A Going all in, taking action, taking up space
R A successful coaching business