buffering down the ladder

I no longer do major buffering with food or shopping thanks to this program. But I have moved to a lower level of buffering with Netflix. I have heard of buffering with this but did not at all understand it. I usually watch hours a day of the news. It felt important and useful. Especially during election time. But now it is something I find painful and I no longer watch the news.
NOW I watch Netflix. Just finished up 8 seasons of Wentworth! I will tell you I was able to fully escape the reality of my life while watching this series! Loved it so much and now I am in withdrawal. I am very aware that I am buffering and I certainly think buffering with Netflix has less net consequences than binge eating or compulsive shopping. Although it keeps me from FULLY engaging with my new coaching business. I coach someone, which is a bold move for me, and then I run back under the covers to the safety of Netflix. I vacillate between these two states.

I stopped watching Netflix today and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do with all those extra hours I used to spend watching the news. When I do a model the feeling I get is EMPTY. I know enough about this process to try to allow myself to stay with EMPTY for awhile and not rush to get a new thought. But it feels like yuk. lol. Thank you!