Buffering during Monday Hour One

Please help I am so distracted while on the 3rd module of Monday Hour One!

C – Monday Hour
T – I have too much sh#t to do!
F – Anxious, angry I can’t do it all, distracted, frustrated learning new things, not kind thoughts, shame (should have already mastered everything), alone
A – Scroll through my phone, rewind the module, take notes, text people, panic (where is the help), think of food and trying to not use food as a buffer, realize scrolling is buffering, avoid writing my book/starting a new project, procrastinate decluttering
R – Some in the A list above but mainly give up and circle the drain with thoughts of “what should I be doing instead” so I’m not focused or engaged. I think I need a yoga class…

Now, the last coaching session said to “sit with feelings” rather than quickly insisting on an intentional model. Isn’t sitting with feelings buffering?