Buffering during weekend childcare

Hello! I would like some guidance about my buffering during taking care of the kids. Week days aren’t problematic because we all have our regular routine and things aren’t difficult to get through. That falls apart on the weekends because there is much less routine and, due to the pandemic and winter weather, there are very few activities that we can do to structure the time on the weekends. As a result, we usually end up with several hours, usually in the afternoon, where I have to either fully engage with the kids or half supervise them and half try to get other things done around the house. There is always the background noise in my head about other things that I need/want to do, but I can’t do them because I can’t supervise the kids at the same time. This dissonance in my head about not getting to do the things I want to be doing and having to supervise the kids (which can get very irritating at times, they’re 4 and 7 and the older has ADHD and can be very stimulus seeking, but that’s a whole slew of thoughts for another Ask), invariably ends up with me hovering around the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and lots of snacking. The snacking is clearing for buffering negative emotions, because it’s not at all related to hunger. Anyway, I want to break this pattern and stop the buffering with food. There are other times I do similar things, but this is the one I want to focus on right now. And thanks!