Buffering in the A line and then in the C line (Meagan)

I want to make sure I’ve got these models right …

C – sister visiting, staying with my parents, husband is out of town and I’m home alone with my kids.
T – I can’t be with parents/sister right now because my kids need to be home getting ready for bed.
F – lonely
A – buffer with online browsing, avoid feelings
R – don’t process anything, ignore T as choice, keep belief that I can’t be with my family because of my kids

In the middle of my buffering I caught myself and was like “what the what?!” Here’s the buffering model:

C – shopped online, looked at face cream
T – I deserve this
F – over desire
A – really started fixating on this face cream, internal war of thoughts…
R – then I interrupted model and did the thought work on everything, allowed the over desire to pass and went back to original model/feeling/thoughts

Are these correct? The R lines in particular? buffering thoughts can have models separate from the model where buffering is in the A line, right?