Buffering in the evenings

I’ve noticed a pattern of buffering with food/snacks (both technically on protocol and off protocol, so sugar and flour) in the evenings after dinner and before bed.

Sometimes I think it’s because of my wishy washy bedtime, generally anywhere from 9/9:30 would be AMAZING to go to bed so luxuriously early, but usually I can “get away with” 10/10:30, no later than 11 but 11’s pushing it. I always wake up at 7. So possibly some drama around my bedtime. Also factoring into that is that I feel guilty for going to bed so early, because I want to hang out and snuggle with my boyfriend and watch tv with him. I think he will be disappointed if I skip watching our nightly tv with him, and usually we only have time for a half hour show, or like a 45 minute show and then I go to bed. I think he wishes I could stay up later/start watching tv earlier so he can get a good decent show in/watch a movie, but to me, I don’t care that much about tv, I just want to hang out with him.

Sometimes I also feel disconnected in the evenings from him. I wish we would just talk more vs. sitting down in the living room and starting right off watching tv and barely even saying anything to each other.

Sometimes if I eat my dinner at 6 or 7, since I do intermittent fasting, by the time it hits 9/10, I’m freezing cold and I think sometimes I buffer against that discomfort instead of just going into my cozy warm bed, which makes no logical sense, but does make sense since I have a human brain.

Or since it’s later in the evening, since I have ADHD, my adderall helps a ton during the day to decrease the amount of urges (my personal theory), slash helps me be more diligent in allowing urges/be more of an “adult” to my brain, but then about 6-7:30 is when it wears off similarly to how ibuprofen would wear off, and then I feel very sensitive and reactive-y in terms of oh there’s an urge? That means we eat! Like, I feel like I have a lot less control over my brain when my adderall isn’t working/has worn off.

Those are a couple of my guesses. Would love some insight on my brain here, thanks coaches!