Buffering, Lazy or Scared

I’ve joined scholars about 6 months ago. I wanted to get over my past and move forward with a new business. I’ve been going through the Entrepreneur Track and How We Earn Series. I understand we don’t know the how until we get there. I have ideas to try for a new business.

Recently I hired a coach to show me how to run my own FB ads, even gives me feedback on my content, yet I’m not doing the work. I sit at my desk and scroll social media or review more training, or do research.

I spend time in passive action, learning, reading, researching, but not taking the actions that will give me the result. I have a very compelling reason to take action yet I’m not. I’ve discussed this on the live coaching calls and on 20-minute coaching sessions yet still nothing after 6 months. I plan the small steps and break them down to the ridiculous.

What am I missing? I’m doing my models, doing my thought work, working on my future self, asking the questions, yet I stare at a blank screen, a dwindling bank account, and frustrated that I’m not taking action.