Buffering Model Help

I have noticed that I use exercising at the gym, playing tennis and cooking food for myself and my family as buffering. I am so consumed with these good activities that I always run out of time to work on planning, conceiving and setting up my new business. I also noticed that I have been telling myself that these are parts of a healthy lifestyle and are necessary.

But I am definitely not liking the result, which is that I have not made any progress with the hard work of conceiving and creating my new business. I have 5 months left before my current job ends and I won’t have any income unless my business is ready to go. The alternative is to take another job, which I don’t want to do, as I want to work for myself. Here is the unintentional model I have created for this buffering. And I would like help to craft an intentional model that can help me get to my desired goal.

C – Exercising 4 or 5 days per week and cooking for family 3 times a week
T – I am keeping fit and eating healthy which is good, but in reality I am wasting time
F – I feel conflicted because the outcome is apparently good but unhappy because I am not moving toward my main goal
A – More buffering, exercising and cooking because it gives a dopamine hit, procrastinating from personal work because I don’t know where to begin, spinning
R – I don’t move toward my goal, stay stuck deer in headlights mode: the deadline is fast approaching! What do I do?!