Buffering + moving

We moved into our house 8 months ago and I still can’t seem to bring myself to go upstairs and organize my office.
I had a falling out with my family 18 months ago and I still find things that they sent me or my son, etc. These “things” trigger me

C: My office is a mess
T: I don’t want to go up there because I will find things that trigger me (letters from my mom etc.)
F: sad
A: Avoid going up there working on the kitchen table instead
R: All my stuff is disorganized and all over the house instead


C: My office is a mess
T: Just go up there for 30 mins. and get it done
F: relief
A: Turn on a podcast and set an egg timer
R: My office slowly gets cleaned up and I actually want to spend time in my creative space

I want to buy into the second model, but I feel stuck in the first one. Any thoughts, advice, insight?

Thanks for your help!