Buffering shame

This model keeps coming up over and over again for me lately. Can you coach me please? I want to stop buffering so I can do more interesting things with my life, but these thoughts are disturbing to me, and so it’s like a chicken/egg thing. I think you are going to say thoughts are harmless and just sentences and to allow them to be there.

C: I laid topless for an echocardiogram on 1/11/22. [Replace this C with other things I did/said in the past for other models that look just like this from T down]
T: There is something wrong with me. (Actually, the thought is, what is wrong with me?)
F: shame
A: Get up in the middle of the night when these thoughts start going, go downstairs and sit on the couch and scroll on my phone, buy things on Amazon, online shop. During the day when I notice these thoughts I go to sleep. I also eat.
R: I never actually process the shame?