Buffering Through Sleep

Hi, I tend to buffer with sleep instead of writing articles.

I think what leads to buffering is I feel like sleeping. I want to sleep. It gives me so much comfort and relief when I sleep and not work. I tell myself I will sleep only 1 hour during my break time but I end up sleeping for more than 3 hours.

Maybe this is my model when I am working:
C – Writing Articles
T – This won’t matter so why bother
F – Uninterested
A- Want to sleep instead, force myself to write, wait for the day to quit
R – I don’t make it matter?

C – Writing Articles
T – If I was doing something else, I would have been interested
F – Dull
A – show up in a dull way, think about why its boring, think about why something else is fun
R – I make writing articles boring

C -Writing Articles
T – At this point, I really don’t care if I mess it up.
F – (feeling of who cares) Unbothered
A – I sleep, I watch videos, I tell myself it doesn’t matter, I don’t do my work
R – Work does not get done, I don’t show up in a way I want to

C – Writing Articles
T – I don’t want to focus. Focusing is hard
F – Distracted
A – I watch scholar videos while I am working
R – I make work way longer to finish

Focusing solely on writing articles makes me feel bored so I use distraction to get stuff done. If I don’t use scholar videos or music, I end up sleeping.