Buffering, urges and deconditioning desires


I have set an impossible goal and after watching ‘deconditioning desires with Noelle’ I have identified, which urges I want to sit with, allow and process instead of buffering. I am a little confused about if I understood the terms correctly.

I have two unintentional models that occur so fast and I can for sure learn to use DELAY ABILITY and I would like feedback on how I am going about this. I feel like this is SO sneaky and I’ve finally caught on to it now.

Unintentional model 1:
C: Write job applications
T: I am not good enough for this job anyway
F: Unworthy+Guilty
A: Buffer through social media (because I decide I can’t focus any more and that there is no point, which is a ‘thought reaction’ to feeling unworthy/guilty)
R: Buffer and not feel emotions and become more GUILTY + feel more unworthy

Unintentional model 2:
C: Feeling unworthy + guilty
T: I can’t focus any more + there is no point
F: Discouraged, annoyed, resistant
A: Social media + Overthink
R: Not focus on feeling the discomfort

Intentional model:
C: Feeling unworthy + guilty
T: What a privilege it is to FEEL. I get to live my life intentionally and allow the discomfort rather than escaping myself. I love myself.
F: Empowered + willing
A: Sit with feeling discomfort of unworthiness/guilt for 5-10 min and allow it to pass through me (same time I would spend on social media)
R: Live my life more intentionally and accept myself

Is this understood correctly? Any other tips to ‘catching’ myself buffering? It happens so fast. I almost don’t notice it until after I’ve spent 10 minutes on Instagram and I know I am learning, so its okay 🙂