Buffering with and "blaming" coffee?

I am starting to feel that the amount of coffee I drink every morning has become an “over drinking” issue for me…maybe an emotional or both emotional & physical addiction, and I have not wanted to give it up or even try to cut back. I love the taste, smell and ritual probably more than the bump in energy from the caffeine. However, I am also starting to think that the caffeine in it might be contributing to my inability to concentrate and consequently not stay on task or get the things done I want/need/planned to, which then leads to feelings of discomfort and desiring to buffer. I googled “effects of caffeine on focus”, and the data is not clear one way or the other, and I hope I am not “blaming” coffee for my focus issue. I have knowledge and some success with the Stop Overeating and Drinking programs and imagine the application of these programs can help me cut back, possibly eliminate it altogether.

In the past, I avoided decaf coffee because I perceived it to have added chemicals from the processing, but I do know that I can get a high-quality decaf and not be so concerned about that. I am open to mostly decaf while still enjoying the ritual of coffee and being more mindful of the effects on my focus, but I also might desire what could be a more healthful approach and eliminate it altogether. I am having trouble deciding what to do and which tool to apply in this situation.