Buffering with Books?

Question: I’ve cut out the “artificial sweeteners” in my life. Alcohol, sugar/flour, energy drinks, diet sodas, social media, etc. However, I’ve always been VERY drawn to reading. I L-O-V-E to read and learn, especially on the brain, psychology, marketing. I realize now that there are times when I have avoided actual work by reading (study instead of implementing, which can go on forever). I’ve stopped buffering with reading and now just give myself an hour a day and normal “dead times” (standing in line, waiting, etc.) via my Kindle app on my iPhone – and it’s all “in-time” learning … where I only read about what I’m going to be using/implementing next in my coaching business.

SO (I know. Long setup). Alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc. don’t seem to be helpful in moderation. To me. That’s my thought. I guess it’s all incredibly helpful if you have crazy goals. Anyway – my question is – What are your thoughts on buffering with things that aren’t inherently unhealthy/unhelpful. I have buffered with reading and work. In moderation, these are awesome. To cover up feelings or avoid activities I think will cause uncomforable feelings, not-so-awesome.

How do you self-coach on buffering – with things that are okay by themselves but usage is the key. Just an awareness of HOW you’re using it? “Am I doing this for a purpose or am I doing this to avoid something?” Because honestly… even when I’m UP, UP, UP – I could still pick up a book and read for a few weeks straight while they hook me up to IV’s for nourishment.

Hoping this makes sense. How do you really key in to whether you are buffering or simply doing it out of enjoyment – with things that aren’t inherently unhealthy?