Buffering with coaching

I know that I have all the resources I need to create the life I want, but have noticed this habit of buying the next group coaching program instead of actually doing the work. I keep looking for something outside of me to “fix me”.

Today’s coaching session we dug into using the others in the group as my measuring stick and knowing if I’m behind or ahead, but I also realized that in buying these I’m consuming more and applying less. Like I watch the coaching call, and think about what I learned, but I don’t follow through with the discomfort. Make sense?

I think I’m still trying to avoid the 50/50 of life and the discomfort of sitting with those emotions as I create the life I want. Which is leaving me not living the actual life that I want. Where do I go from here? (Haha I am totally wanting you to give me more resources to go consume:)