Buffering with Excessive Thinking

C: Husband comes home and works on work without talking to me.

T: My husband is emotionally unavailable

F: Despair

I ruminate in my mind how he always is emotionally unavailable, how I don’t like being married to an emotionally unavailable man, how my marriage is ruined.
I withdraw emotionally from him and don’t say a word.

R: I am emotionally unavailable.

After hours of ruminating, I tell myself I can’t take this anymore and I vent my frustrations to him. I thought I just buffered with food but now I’m beginning to see that I am buffering with ruminating in my mind. I can spend hours to days ruminating in my mind and be emotionally distant from my husband.

Is rumination a form of buffering? I am working on feeling my emotions and would like guidance on thoughts that may help me from becoming emotionally distant.