Buffering with food, advice on model!

Hi, I buffer with food. I’ve done it all my life and really started working on it in March. I did it again last night and once again woke up with regret, despair, hopelessness and shame. Instead of wallowing in my unkind emotions, I decided to do a TDL and model.

My model: UM
C-buffered with food
T-I’m never going to stop using food
A-continue to buffer with food
R-I eat and cannot stop.

T-I have all the tools I need to work on this
A-Try one tool each night before I decide to buffer
R-I’m using tools to work on this.

Does this sound right?

I know our R line must prove our T line true but I get confused with my A line and R line because they seem like they are the same thing.

Any suggestion? Thank you!