Buffering with my phone!

Hello Coaches,
I have become increasingly aware during my time in Scholars that I have been using my phone as a buffer, reaching for it when I feel anxious, bored, or lonely. I was listening to Brooke’s podcast on buffering again yesterday, and I started to make a list of all of the ways that my time spent online is keeping me from feeling my feelings and from creating the life I want for myself. I have been justifying my time online because I am usually researching topics in my area of study, reading the news or looking for inspiration for my social media feed. But turning to my phone as a buffer has numbed me to what is really going on in my life, and I notice that as a result I’m not taking action on the things that would truly bring pleasure such as spending time with friends or building my business. This is a painful realization but thankfully I’m in Scholars and know that I have the resources here to help me start showing up for my life.

I am wondering what resources you would recommend within Scholars to help me overcome my reliance on my phone – would either the Stop Overeating or Stop Overdrinking classes be appropriate? The monthly topics and homework are helpful but I would like to really work through the process of letting go of something that honestly feels like an addiction to me in my life and thought that having a curriculum designed for this might be helpful. Thank you so much!