Buffering with Phone Checking/Social Media

I feel like my habit of frequently checking my phone and opening Facebook is really detrimental to my productivity and my ability to do the work I want to do in the time I want it to take. Here are a couple models I’ve come up with to explore this concern:

C- 2 hr time slot for task X. Posted FB comment before starting work.
T- I wonder if my FB comment has gotten a response.
F- Curious
A- Become distracted from work. Reach for phone and open FB. Search for previous comment. Fall into scrolling feed. Repeat some amount of time later.
R- Task X takes longer than it should (and I feel like I’m always trying to do too much…)

I don’t feel like the T and R lines match well in this instance. Maybe the T-line is really: The response to my FB comment is more important that task X.

C- 2 hr time slot for task X. Posted FB comment before starting work.
T- My work is more important than FB comments.
F- Calm.
A- Breathe. Resist urge to check phone. Refocus on task at hand.
R- Efficiently complete task X. Able to get more done.

I still feel like I’m missing something about WHY my mind wanders to thinking about FB comments or why I have such an urge to check my phone… is it possible it is just bad habit? I heard on a buffering call recently that one way to find out why you are buffering is to NOT give in and see what feelings come up. When I do manage to be good about resisting the urge to check my phone, I feel great! Productive, calm, centered… why would I be avoiding that?

Thanks so much, coaches! Can’t wait to read your insights!