Buffering With Screens

I eat healthily and don’t often use food to buffer, and I never ever use drinking to buffer, but for a while I’ve noticed I have a different buffer: let’s call it “screen content”. If I feel bored, stuck, annoyed, frustrated, overwhelmed, I pick up my phone or my laptop and numb it through scrolling social media, researching something, reading articles, listening to an audiobook, listening to podcasts, watching a video, and if I’m really honest with myself I sometimes even use reading Ask A Coach or listening to Scholars Calls in this way. I can tell the difference between buffering content and mindful, useful content. It has a downside which is: wasted time, wasted brain juice, and being in ‘consumption’ mode rather than ‘creation’ mode. I have successfully had times when I reduced/eliminated it (through restricting, not through allowing), and the difference in my life and my thinking was wonderful! My thoughts were so clear, I was so productive and creative! It’s something I’d like to work on using the information about urges in SCS.
Right now, I’ve constrained myself to working on my thoughts about marriage in SCS, and I’ve had the greatest success when being really limited in my constraint, not even working on the self-confidence topic right now but doing downloads and models every day only on one area of marriage that I’m working on.
I’m going to use all of the urge/overeating/overdrinking information and insert ‘screens’ where ever there is ‘food’ or ‘alcohol’ – I’m confident that this will work for me, and that I can adapt it to make it work – even having a protocol for when I can check my phone etc.
I’m figuring out if adding urge work would be helpful now, because it would allow me to practice allowing emotions which I need in my marriage too!, or if it would be a distraction and I should wait until I have worked through the marriage things first, then treat it as its own topic.
Do you recommend it’s best to work on urges in conjuction with other topics, or on its own?