Buffering with self-coaching

I realize, through my SCS work, that I tend to buffer away my emotions with alcohol on a consistent basis.

This week, I am visiting my parents, and while I have had a couple beers, I haven’t been using this method of buffering nearly as much. Perhaps not surprisingly, I have REALLY been going through the grind emotionally this week. I’m exhausted by all the negative thoughts and emotions that I’m trying not to avoid or resist now without buffering… only somewhat successfully.

I’ve realized that I might be using self-coaching as buffering? Is this possible? Is it possible to do too many thought downloads and models? I do have this sense of desperation while I’m doing them this week, like this and this alone will solve my many problems and help me feel better. But I’m trying to process my emotions at the same time, so I’m confused as to whether this is could actually be considered buffering or not.