Buffering with Shopping

Can you please coach me on these thoughts and models? I want to pay off debt and I’ve been overspending, and shopping more than I want to. Where do I go from here?

C: Pants
T: I want light grey pants
F: Desire
A: Go on Amazon, type in the search, add to cart, fantasize about the outfits I could create and how I would feel in them. Don’t consult my budget. Tell myself, eh, I have money, I’ll figure it out later where the money will come from to pay for it. Use the extra money I made in my business which would’ve otherwise gone to pay off debt, to pay for unplanned clothing purchases.
R: I don’t allow the desire? I am reacting to the desire. I overspend my clothing budget, putting myself further away from debt payoff goal.

T: I need to stop shopping (restricted)
T: I can’t stop shopping
 (out of control)
T: I can’t have what I want (deprived)

C: Pants
T: I can buy whatever I want
F: Free
A: Don’t buy the pants, budget for it instead. When I have the money, I buy the thing. Set up goals for the things I want in my budget. Look at the reality of my budget.
R: Show myself I can have whatever I want and still take care of me and my goals. I don’t overspend and move towards debt payoff goal