Buffering with work

Im self-employed, and am working 12-14 hour days. Im checking my phone a lot, staying occupied with small-work related tasks instead of doing personal-type things. I dont know if thats good or bad. Im trying to gauge my feelings, but I am happy with my work. For now. Some says it can be tiring, but most days im choosing to feel fulfilled and think in alignment with that. But I do notice my thoughts about longing for other types; husband time, seeing my mom, friends, yoga, walks… but I never make time for them. I read books on meditation, and dont meditate. I work… I can justyify enjoying my work, but I am tired – my brain, about work, doesnt turn off, or at least I dont know how to be excited to do other things without feeling bored or unfilfilled? Gosh, im typing this and it seems like im struggling to bw present, because present maybe isnt good enough? I have to be needed by work, or creating, helping, β€œon” all the time… Id love to know your thoughts on mine <3 Thank you!