Building a side hustle while working at a full time job.

Do you have any resources around building a side hustle while still working at a full time job? I want to do both, and eventually transition to quitting my full time job to follow my dream. But before quitting, I want to build my side hustle income up to replace my full time income.

I am sure many students have navigated this journey before. I see success stories. Is there anywhere I can go to hear about the journey, challenges, and so on that people encounter along the way?

I feel like one of my main sources of resistance to pursuing my dreams is that I get overwhelmed. Then I say to myself “I’m way too busy to do all of this” – whether that’s true or not.

I am working on cutting down my commitments and only doing things that I truly want to do. What are some other things you encourage students to do while pursuing dreams and building businesses? And how can I put a stop to this cycle of overwhelm that exists in my head?