Building an Instagram following – reply

Hi – thanks for the response to my previous question, but I’m still a little unsure.

I know that those things are C’s. And I know I’m choosing to think those ways about them. What I’m struggling with is what to actually think instead. Responses to your questions below:

Why are you choosing to make your current Instagram account and number of followers make it mean that you will not be a successful coach?
– I think because I’m scared I won’t be successful, so my brain is looking for evidence that this is the case.

What if Instagram has nothing to do with your success?
– I can believe that, but I do think that social media is an important marketing tool. And I don’t think it would be helpful to change my thought about that.

How is right where you are perfect right now?
– I guess I could think I’m on my own journey and in competition with no one but myself?