Bulimic Coach

Hello! I just got my scholars box today and I was amazed with how much swag I got!!

Elevator version of my story- 14 to 17, super anorexic, age 17 I started purging and drinking. I went into rehab a total of three times for my drinking and bulimia. I have been sober going on 9 years now. The bulimia is a different story. Treatment works while i am in it but each time i go back to my ways after a few months. I am a personal trainer and studying to be a health and life coach now and I feel like a huge hypocrit. I am telling women how to eat and coaching them on the same things I struggle with. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. I hate the bulimia so much and part of me feels hopeless. I am now 31 so this has been going on for quite some time. Currently i am purging daily. Pleassssse dont tell me to go to treatment again because it just doesnt work. I heard your podcast with Dr Sasha Heinz and she briefly mentioned her bulimia and I IMMEDIATELY emailed her! I am interested in working with her.

Here are the actual questions-

Can this program help me? Is it wrong of me coaching other women when I am in the thick of it? Should I hire Sasha?? Would your over eating program help me with my bulimia?