Bump in the road

My neighbor and I became extremely close during COVID. She is my rock. Since we moved on the block she has hosted an evening bonfire for the street on Halloween.

The last two years, I coordinated a Halloween parade for the kids before the bonfire. This year, we mis-communicated and our events over lapped a bit creating tension/hurt feelings. I tried talking to her about it before the event on how to remedy the situation, but she didn’t want to discuss it further, and said it would work itself out.

Since then, we both have been traveling or busy hosting family, but the few interactions we have had over the last month just seem to be off and I keep getting the feeling she isn’t over it. My husband says its all in my head, and that to discuss it further with her would be like beating a dead horse. Help me move past this uncomfortable thought, please!

C: Sarah and I mis-communicated
T: My friendship is not the same
F: Sad
A: Want to over-talk it, but to what end, dwell, beat my self up, question the events
R: Continue to believe it can’t be fixed

C: Sarah and I mis-communicated
T: ????
F: Confident?
A: Make the first gesture
R: Move on with life, and free of brain chatter regarding this situation