Burn Out in Scholars

I have working this program for less than a week now and I am seeing all its value. I spend like 3-4 hours a day intermittently on the listening and re-listening to the podcasts, doing the HW, answering the questions from the podcasts, taking notes on the podcasts, first thing doing my thought downloads for the day and writing models for all of them, watching and participating in the webinars, trying to practice feeling my emotions, and acting in the way I want to feel etc…WHEW!! Am I doing too much? My children are grown, I do not work and my time is my time. How do I know when to take a breather or if I should? Everything I do in life I tend to dive right into and sometimes that backfires on me. How do I gauge my work in scholars? I enjoy it all. I don’t want to burn myself out and throw it all up in the air and say, “I CAN’T DO THIS”