HI Brooke, thanks so much for all you’ve helped me realize about myself, my mind, and how to be the compassionate observer. I love this program, and I’m doing all the homework, and trying to keep up with all these questions and coaching calls as well. Do you ever suffer from burnout? I’m a physician, wife, mother to 2 elementary school kids. I love my job, my family and friends, my life, and i think i joined this program to “coach” myself out of burnout. I meditate daily, gratitude practice daily, do yoga/pilates/walk almost everyday, cutting out sugar and flour, labs are fine, sleep at least 7+ hours every night. Sometimes, i just want to slow down and do nothing. Is this burnout? How are you so energetic, and improving on yourself all the time? Whenever I hear you speak, I’m instantly inspired and motivated! You’re like my dopamine hit! Thanks again for all your advice and insight.
C: life
F: burnt out
A: procrastinate with social media, don’t get things done
C: life
T: I’m burnt out
F: tired, unmotivated, lazy
A: waste time on social media
R: don’t get things done, get even more overwhelmed and burnt out.