Burnt out from a week with unexpected events and not enough rest time

Last week was a difficult work week. My assistant was out and I took on double my usual work load. It was also my last week to study for a state exam. Studying was difficult as my mind kept drifting back to work. I did some thought downloads, but didn’t come up with very helpful models as I was just feeling more emotional from overwhelm than anything. This made it difficult for me to focus during my studying time since my brain kept going back to my work days.

I am proud of myself for not showing my overwhelm and for staying as calm as possible through all of these situations. I took the exam Saturday night and I felt good about it, but my mind felt totally drained. I really needed a day of relaxation, but I also needed to do a few things Sunday to make this work week not as stressful. The end result was that I was cranky on Sunday with my fiancé a few times and I did not get much time to relax that day.

I am back to work today feeling very burnt out. My assistant will be gone until Thursday and there are a few new situations to adapt to this week before then, and again, double the workload. I want to be resilient and handle everything with ease. I don’t want to be run by my emotions. I want to be recognized for all I can handle so that when I do apply to the leadership position I have been studying for, others know I am strong and can handle it. This is a fresh week and I want to focus on that, but my thoughts about last week and not getting the rest I felt I needed are dragging me down! How annoying! How can I focus on a model here to produce the results I need and get over how I felt last week? Thanks!