Business coaching questions

Hi Brooke! I signed up for your coaching course in April and I can’t wait to be a coach!! In the meantime, I am working on a small business loan to fund the tuition. Can you please answer some questions to help me with my business plan, or direct me towards where I can find the answers. Thank you!

1- Did you draw up any type of liability clause with a lawyer that people sign before doing coaching with you? If so, might you have an estimate of what that would cost?

2 – Do you carry any type of insurance to protect against liability claims? Again, if so, what does that cost look like?

3 – Do you offer a moneyback guarantee to your clients and why or why not? If you do, what percentage of people do you think will want a money back guarantee? I would want to plan on a retention of funds account in order to honor that if it something I choose to do.

Thanks for your input!