Business goals and marriage

I’ve been in Scholars since the summer. It’s helping me learn how to change my thinking about my side business and overall goals. And I’m seeing results (slowly, steadily).

At the same time, relations with my husband have become strained. He has always been incredibly supportive of my business – though it has produced little revenue. He encouraged me to do LCS (he’s the one who told me about it).

My schedule is busier now because of my focus on my business. I have some big goals for the end of the year – and I’m all in! I’m working more hours (which right now feels fun and creative).

My husband seems tense and annoyed if I want to work later (instead of watching Netflix with him in the evenings). I’m not as interested in Netflix right now (it’s like I have more mental energy now at the end of the day). He’s begun to make dismissive comments about my business, especially during our couple time together (like eating dinner, going out, romance, etc) – and I find myself wanting to avoid that kind of one-on-one activity with him. Which of course only adds to the situation.

I have this feeling of dread from the thought that my marriage might be in trouble if I keep going for these big goals. I’ve run some models, but I can’t quite get to a positive thought that I fully believe. Clearly this is about me and my thoughts (not my husband) – but I’m stuck and could use some help. Thank you for reading all of this!