Business investment model

C. Business investment borrow $400.000.00 on a 20-year note.
Fact: Equipment is 20 years old Repairs are consuming profit margin.
Fact: Getting a lot of complaints from customers

T That is a lot of money to be in debt for.
What am I making that mean?
It will take a long time to pay this debt off.
So What: Debt always feels burdensome.

F. Heavy

A. I think of the worst-case scenario, I question myself if I should do this, I go back and forth in my head should I shouldn’t I, staying in indecision, Do nothing.

R. When I am thinking debt is a burden it generates the feeling of heavy
and from that feeling, the action Is I do nothing I make no-decision.

Intensional model

C. Loan $400,000
T. I want to update to enhance my business
F. Excited
A. Appt. with a banker, get Appraisal, get quotes for new equipment, get quotes for removal of old equipment. Factoring in shutting down for 2 days to install new equipment.
R. Because of my thought I want to update and enhance my business that gives me  excitement that drives me into action to make an informed decision.

How does this model look?